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Topical issues: Empty property rates


Rating liability on empty properties

From 1 April 2008, 100% rates became payable on commercial property unoccupied for more than 3 months and on industrial and distribution property unoccupied for more than 6 months.

Do you know where you stand?

With the government pledging to remain vigilant for what it perceives as abuse, it’s more important than ever to access the right guidance on empty rates.

Accurates can help. With a suite of solutions to help, Accurates can offer proactive advice on minimising empty rates liabilities now and in the future. And we work on a risk-free performance fee basis, so there are no upfront or time-based charges.

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Kicking the market whilst it’s down

Empty rates are the breaking point for some in the current market. By eliminating business rate relief on empty properties, companies are being penalised for situations where there is no income. Empty rates are making a bad situation worse.

We collected evidence of the detrimental effect empty rates have had on businesses for the British Property Federation’s campaign against empty rates. We’d still like to hear how the Governments latest tax changes have affected business in your area.

  • Speculative or regeneration projects not going ahead?
  • Changes in demand for property/vacancy rates?
  • Rent levels influenced by rising vacancy rather than falling demand?
  • More secondary or end-of-life properties being demolished rather than rented at affordable levels?

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You’re not the only one keeping an eye on your empty property.

The government agreed to drop the introduction of anti-avoidance measures from its recent shake-up of empty property rate relief. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t watching.

In March 08, the Government vowed to take a tough line on the deliberate dereliction of empty properties, warning that the impact of the new regulations would be closely monitored. He also wrote to every billing authority, urging them to enforce existing powers to tackle rate avoidance.

Read our quick guide to the empty rates legislation


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