Our Services

All offered on a risk-free, performance-fee basis and with no upfront or time based charges.

We won’t disrupt your business activities and there’s no need to accommodate us because we work from a compliance audit centre in Birmingham.

Apart from providing us with relevant data there is little you need to do, except wait. In most cases the first you’ll see is your money returning to your bank account.

Sometimes it only takes 1 month

Of course the time it takes us depends on the size of your property portfolio and complexity of your occupational or ownership history.

Generally a compliance audit project takes between 1 and 6 months.


We find and reclaim overpayments by;

  • Performing forensic analyses of computed liabilities, as far back as 1990 if necessary.

  • Examining virtual demand notices generated by our liability calculator programmes to identify potential reductions in business rate charges.

  • Selecting the most appropriate and effective method, client by client, to secure maximum rebates and minimise future liabilities.

  • Managing the preparation, submission and monitoring of detailed compliance and audit claims to billing authorities.

  • Negotiating claims with billing authorities and handling responses to Revenues Officers’ queries.

  • Making sure local interpretations, judgements, determinations and systems meet legal and administrative requirements.


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