7 million
6 million
5 million
2.1 million
1.9 million
1.75 million
1.5 million
1.5 million (2)
1.5 million (3)
1.3 million
1.25 million
1 million
1 million (2)
1 million (3)
500,000 (1)
500,000 (2)
Accurates secures £1.5 million refund for tour operator

Once again we negotiated a retrospective rebate for a newly redeveloped admin hub and call centre, this time in Bedfordshire.

Our compliance audit specialists tracked all billing activities relating to this tour operator’s facility. Such a detailed forensic approach makes sure we capture any inaccuracies or non-compliant rate levies. And we did.

Accurates’ virtual rate demands deliver concrete results

We created virtual rate demands to follow each liability base change and compared them to the Council’s paperwork and other documents only disclosed on request. Soon we were able to construct an argument of non-compliance with statutory regulations for calculation and billing of liabilities.

And throughout the process we ensured statutory requirements for ‘deemed liabilities’, as per rating liability legislation, were met in full.

We secured £1.5 million for our client – a welcome break indeed.





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