7 million
6 million
5 million
2.1 million
1.9 million
1.75 million
1.5 million
1.5 million (2)
1.5 million (3)
1.3 million
1.25 million
1 million
1 million (2)
1 million (3)
500,000 (1)
500,000 (2)
£2.1 million in overpaid rates recovered for client

A fund management company’s investment in three newly constructed, speculative, office developments in Berkshire cost them more than they realised.

£2.1 million had been overpaid in unoccupied rates. A nice windfall for the local authority but one that, thanks to Accurates, they soon had to refund.

Accurates investigated high charges for empty offices

A detailed forensic audit was carried out on the paperwork issued by the council and documents disclosed by the billing authority on our request.

We soon realised we could make a closely detailed argument for non-compliance with the statutory requirements for bringing unoccupied properties into charge. Our team carefully managed the process to ensure that all statutory requirements of rating legislation were met.

And then - a lot of money returned to our client’s account with no effort on their part; now that’s a good day at the office.





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