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£1.75 million recovered in overpaid rates

Accurates was called in to investigate the potential for a retrospective rate claim by a major exhibition centre and conference venue in the Midlands. One of the largest facilities of its kind in Europe, the centre had recently undergone an extensive programme of refurbishment. The £40m upgrade had taken place over three years; it was an ambitious rethink that aimed to put the visitor experience centre stage.

Detailed groundwork paves the way for a significant rebate

As the centre had paid full rates throughout the period of refurbishment, the Accurates team was recruited to examine the implications of the works and determine the most effective approach for securing a retrospective award of rate relief.

We examined information from the consultancy and construction firm working on the refurbishment to understand the multi-phased approach it had taken over the upgrade programme. We also conducted a thorough examination of relevant case law and legislation before approaching the billing authority and, after initial negotiations, assembled a full report.

Our research indicated there were grounds for discretionary rate relief. Our comprehensive report set out the legislative framework for the claim and included complex supporting evidence. The claim was a success. Thanks to Accurates, £1.75 million in overpaid rates was soon on its way back to the centre.




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