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6 million
5 million
2.1 million
1.9 million
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1 million
1 million (2)
1 million (3)
500,000 (1)
500,000 (2)
Over £6 million recovered for one of the world’s largest companies

Accurates has been engaged since 2005 to perform a rolling compliance audit of business rate liabilities in the UK for a multinational technology, industrial and financial services conglomerate. In 2009 Accurates was given ‘preferred supplier’ status by the company.

Accurates uses its imagination

For this client, Accurates provides a ‘year-on-year’ service, scrutinising in detail individual historical and current billing authority levies and matching the data with the company’s UK property portfolio information.

We especially focus on the assumptions behind calculations and verification against the various statutes, statutory instruments, cases and practice/guidance notes concerning the billing and collection of non-domestic rate liabilities.

Our forensic auditors construct ‘virtual’ rate demands and refund computations and, using our letter of authority, execute comparisons against the historical and current records held by billing authorities.




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