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£248,000 retrospective rate refund for client

No one told this company their state of the art call centre in northern England was rated wrongly; no one that is, until Accurates came along. After a forensic examination of company data and historic rate liabilities we spotted the potential immediately.

Occupied rate charges had been raised but for an under utilised building. After being refurbished and redeveloped the call centre was costing more than it should for our client, a multinational technical & services conglomerate.

Examining past rates to reduce future charges

Our compliance audit specialists, mainly ex-local authority revenues officers, worked hard to find the best way of securing maximum rate relief.

With retrospective claims it is essential to support cases with detailed background material. We collected sufficient information on the facility, set within a technical framework, to meet the billing authority’s criteria for exercising statutory powers.

Fully documented and substantiated claims were lodged. We demonstrated that liability law and practice could be applied directly and retrospectively to the specific, definable set of circumstances presented; and that our interpretation of the law fell within the ‘letter and spirit’ of the legislation

The call soon came - £248,000 was on its way back to our client.





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