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A full recovery - £274,000 for healthcare trust thanks to Accurates

Accurates had the right treatment for this major healthcare trust, which operated a general hospital, a separate maternity hospital and a specialist accident and emergency facility in the Midlands.

After our specialists had carried out a forensic examination of historical rate liabilities and virtual demands produced by the team, we spotted an anomaly in the computed charges. Very soon a refund of £274,352 was on its way back to our client.

A thorough examination reveals a chronic case of overcharging

The billing authority had served a series of rate demand notices, all of which appeared to be in order – until we put them to the test.

We undertook a full data analysis of the rate charges for each of the trust’s sites, from which we were able to construct virtual demands. Then we carried out a full audit to examine all of the billing authority’s calculations of rate liability in detail for each tax year, scrutinising records as far back as 1995.

Our compliance audit specialists soon found the trust had a case for arguing the amounts for 2 out of its 3 sites – and consequently that its historical liabilities needed recalculating. Sure enough, the billing authority found itself revising its calculations – and our client received a cheque for £274,352.





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