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“Efficiency review” initiative secures over £1 million in savings for major UK chain store

Accurates ‘efficiency review’ specialists worked with this major high street chain store operator retailing DIY supplies, kitchen and houseware in the UK, with a view to obtaining recognition for the fact that the particular pattern of annual business ebb and flow within its regional distribution warehouses was appropriate for discretionary rate relief.

A pioneering approach

Our rate compliance audit specialist (a former local authority revenues officer), gathered supply chain data with a view to proposing to the billing authorities that the company’s unique annual business cycle meant that it should be treated as a special case and granted discretionary relief.

Our specialist auditor then proposed to the determining officers how the billing authorities might take a pioneering approach to the exercise of statutory discretion in respect of identifiable sets of circumstances. The next step in the process was to compile and present comprehensively documented and carefully argued reports to the relevant determining officers.

As a consequence of our knowledge and experience, we were able to convince the determining officers, who accepted our arguments in full. We have negotiated substantial discretionary liability reductions totalling over £1 million.





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