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Our remarkable case studies

We’re good at what we do and we’d like to show you some examples.

See how our approach paid off for these clients, all of whom benefited substantially from our activities.

Recently added

Accurates secures £750,000 saving for High Street retailer on new distribution warehouse.

Accurates delivers £500,000 savings for potteries’ firms in acknowledgement of unique work patterns.

Operational factors identified by Accurates at a power plant produce savings of £400,000.

More case studies

2.1 million in overpaid rates recovered for client.

A fund management company's investment in three newly constructed, speculative, office developments in Berkshire cost them more than they realised.


Accurates secures 500,000 refund for tour operator.

Once again we negotiated a retrospective rebate for a newly redeveloped admin hub and call centre, this time in Bedfordshire.


Accurates finds refund worth 500,000 for major chain store.

We did a validation check on the business rate charges and rebates issued to a major high street chain store. The result was a big win - more than 500,000 was refunded to our client.

A full recovery - 274,000 for healthcare trust thanks to Accurates.

Accurates had the right treatment for this major healthcare trust, which operated a general hospital, a separate maternity hospital and a specialist accident and emergency facility in the Midlands.  


248,000 retrospective rate refund for client.

No one told this company their state of the art call centre in northern England was rated wrongly, until Accurates came along.


200,000 cost recovery coup from local billing authority.

A property investment company recovered money overpaid on a high quality city centre office block from this Midlands local authority.





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